Our Next Show in 2024: The Inglewood Night Market (Friday May 10th)



Hello All…
I wanted to introduce myself as the owner/creator of Witch A Makin. My name is Laura and ever since I can remember I have always loved to help others especially with looking and feeling their best. When I was very young I was blessed with a gift that allowed me to communicate with the other side with both sight and sound. As I grew older my gift changed, especially after the birth of my daughter, and I had to learn to listen to their communication. My spiritual journey has been a blessing in my life as it has allowed me to extend my love of helping others. Six years ago I completed my third level in crystal healing and with my love of gemstone jewelry I combined both of my passions and created jewelry that comes energy infused to allow the person wearing my pieces to fully benefit. My gift plays into each piece as I am divinely guided with designs and gemstone selections. I continue to grow spiritually and personally and am more than grateful to my friends, family and clients that support me on my journey in achieving my dreams.